Catalan word of feminine gender, cloud in poetic language.


La Nuu, International Photography Festival of Rubí, was born in October 2015 with the desire to become a solid proposal that brings the current trends of the author's photography to the citizenship highlighting the need for words to approach the meaning of the images.

The Nuu wants to be a space of cultural revitalization of the territory, while it intends to turn the city of Rubí itself in a place of international reference in the field of photography.

La Nuu understands the image as a creator of thought and a promoter of critical reflection, but never in isolation. It wants to take advantage of the cultural impact that photography has on our society to create a direct link with the territory.

A museum within everyone's reach where the link between territory and culture is valued.

Photography reaches even those people who don't want to look at it: because the images are in the street, they are in the city. They are part of Rubí. La Nuu has two clear purposes: to bring the best of photography to Rubí for the enjoyment and learning of all and, at the same time, to dimension the name of the city to the outside world, to culturally and socially energize the city internally while offering a look outward. That is to say, to fight for access to culture for all and, at the same time, to promote a new connectivity of Rubí so that the city becomes a cultural center of the first order forged from the urban periphery of Barcelona.


International photography contest in audiovisual format

The festival La Nuu 2023 is holding an international call for photographic works in audiovisual format. On the night of October 28th, the shortlisted works will be presented in the Screen section of La Nuu 2023. A jury made up of leading professionals from the world of photography and culture will choose a single winner who will receive a cash prize of 1000 euros (amount to which the relevant deductions will be applied).

The members of the jury are:

Pucho, Juan Pedro Martín vocalist of the band Vetusta Morla and inveterate cinephile, curator Natasha Christia and photographer and editor Emilie Hallard.

See Screen


This year we started Closer, a new section of the festival dedicated to the viewing of portfolios.

From La Nuu we want to promote the contact of emerging photographers with different national and international cultural agents such as curators, editors, designers and photographers.

We hope that this approach will be the origin of new synergies between collaborators and artists sympathetic to La Nuu. This year's viewers will be Kalin Kruse, Yana Kruse, Tommaso Parrillo, Matej Sitar and David Molina Gadea.

Pre-registration for the viewing is free and attendance costs 50 euros. Those interested should send a sample of their work to

Deadline will be October 1


After a selection process, 10 participants will be able to show their projects to the viewers who will collaborate in this first Closer meeting.


Being Wolves. Looking at ourselves again questions the canon of female beauty and proposes an awakening of the female body through the image that leads us to a (certain) liberation. In this context, we propose a gender workshop for photographers and non-photographers. In a safe space we want to generate a transformation of the gaze towards one's own body and others, subverting an imaginary that has historically objectified and sexualized our bodies.

The workshop is structured in three parts: I Conversation, II Action, II Edition + Exhibition (ephemeral).

Human Team


Direction and curatorship


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