M'hammed Kilito

(Casablanca, Morocco, 1981)

Located in arid and semi-arid regions and considered an ecological bulwark against desertification and an important refuge for biodiversity, oases are unique ecosystems based on the correct balance of three elements: abundant water, soil quality and the presence of date palms. With their parasol-shaped foliage, date palms create a humid microclimate sheltered from the wind and favourable to the growth of vegetation.

‘Before it's gone' is an ongoing project that documents life in oases, focussing particularly on the complex, multidimensional problems of oasis degradation in Morocco and its impact on the country’s inhabitants.

The main aim of the project is to draw attention to this situation by alerting public opinion, policy makers and concerned organisations. ‘Before it's gone' is also a call to protect the ancestral intangible heritage of nomadic culture in Morocco, and to conserve the oasis ecosystem.

Estructura Estació 2 (Mapa)

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