Lara Gasparotto

(Liège, Belgium, 1989)

The artist describes her project ‘Solstices’ as follows: “Looking through the soil of my memories, I confuse my feelings with seasons. What I remember is what I make of it”.

The human being is the measure of all things, as the ancients used to say. It seems completely impossible not to sense nature through the filter of our own self. The solstices mark the changes of the seasons; the days and nights of nature seem to be repeated infinitely within the circle of time. The stars revolve and everything revolves with them.

Time does not exist. It is a human invention. Linear time. Chronological time, born of the calendar and later of the clock. Human time that invents the passing of time. A hybridisation that threads together this network of agents made up of quasi-objects.

Lara Gasparotto creates an intimate universe by capturing moments of sweetness and melancholy. Memories converted into dreams, the narrative of her images is shaped by the atmosphere generated by the relationship between light and silence. We read her images as we remember past seasons: the place and the time do not matter; moments become like tender memories of what we have not lived.

The figure, time and again, of the woman: young, sensual, at times on the verge of fainting away. Adolescent women, immature yet full of sensuality, vague images among fragments of the natural world. The flow of water like the amniotic liquid in which her characters swim and dive within the maternal womb of nature. The symbolic, holy gesture of baptism as an erotic act of giving oneself to life.


Estructura Estació 1 (Mapa)

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