La Nuu is intended to become a resistance cultural festival and a resilient proposal that brings current trends in photography art to the people.
La Nuu wants to show the city of Rubí itself as a reference in the context of photography.
La Nuu wants to break the contemporary photography scene free, so the photographic works will be exhibited in the street, available to anybody’s sight. The facades of the city’s most emblematic buildings will turn into show-rooms.
Several tarps will remain hanging on the view for a whole month. That kind of tarps are usually used for advertising, and they use to introduce an expo settled in an indoor space. In this case, however, the canvas will be the tarp itself. New media for new times. La Nuu Festival is borning humble but ambitious too, and appeals to all photography enthusiasts who are interested in new ideas, other voices and other areas. The city of Rubí becomes thus the first link in a chain of dreams.
*nuu, f. [LC]  In poetic language, cloud. La Nuu Festival is named after a poem by Carles Camps Mundó